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A note from the founder: 

Welcome to Calita Intimates!

I’m Rebecca, born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, now based out of San Francisco (our US headquarters). Growing up, I was very busy and active. I did everything from classical ballet to running competitive track. To stay cool and healthy, my doctor recommended I wear natural and breathable fibers, especially when it came to my underwear — infections are the absolute worst.

I took this advice seriously, since I was more prone to UTI's and other infections, but I struggled to find underwear made from natural fibers. It didn’t make sense to me: why was it so hard to find something good for my health? The few pairs I did find looked a lot like granny panties. I wished to wear something that was healthy for my active lifestyle but also looked beautiful on. I knew then that there was a need for an everyday, flattering underwear made thoughtfully for women. 

Let’s jump ahead 10 years: After a degree in Marketing and a career in e-commerce, I’ve committed myself entirely to creating an intimates line for women, made from natural fibers, that are good for the planet, ethically manufactured. That’s how Calita was born.

The name Calita was inspired by combining two beautiful Spanish words I grew up hearing: 

  1. calata: naked

  2. cosita: little thing

I’m proud of all the work that went into innovating a new product that would have been perfect for young Rebecca, and for all women’s naked little thing. After a year of research and fabric testing, I fell in love with a fabric called Tencel™ Modal. This fabric checked all of the boxes: sustainability, breathability, resilience, and comfort. (Want to learn more? I wrote an article highlighting the key benefits of this fabric.) Naturally, I chose Tencel™ to create my very first line.

I’ve learned so much about how fabrics are made, the impact they have on our planet, and the most sustainable business practices. This process has completely transformed the way I shop, and I hope it inspires you as well. 

Underwear is the most intimate piece of clothing we wear. I believe it should be a garment that is both beautiful and healthy for us. I want to provide women with a better alternative to what is available in the big box stores. I truly hope that Calita Intimates will be your new favourite.

Rebecca Mazzara, Founder & CEO of Calita Intimates


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